About the Center

Vision and Mission

The Vision: The vision of the Center for ActiveWV is to increase the physical activity levels of both children and adults in our state to meet or exceed the national physical activity recommendations (2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans) and to, therefore, improve the health and quality of life of all West Virginians.

The Mission: The overarching goal of the Center for ActiveWV is to provide an effective statewide physical activity framework that will promote sector input and collaboration, facilitate physical activity research among multidisciplinary teams, and guide state and local policy and practice.

Priority Areas

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Health Advocacy and Networking

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Research in Policy, Environments, and Systems

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Program Evaluation and Surveillance

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Continuing Professional Development

Meet Our Team

Meet the Center for ActiveWV team members, directors, and Executive Management Board.

Leadership Team

Eloise Elliott, PhD


Sam Zizzi, EdD

Associate Director for Research and Evaluation

Sean Bulger, EdD

Associate Director for Communication and Education

Emily Murphy, PhD

Associate Director for Outreach


Kaitlyn Shaffer, MPA

Project Coordinator, WV CARDIAC Project

Jessica Riffee, MEd

Graduate Assistant, WV CARDIAC Project

Leanne Watson

Graduate Assistant, WV Healthy Schools in Action Project
Executive Management Board

Emily Murphy, PhD

Kristin McCartney, MPH, RDN

Christiaan Abildso, PhD

Andrea Taliaferro, PhD

Annual Reports


2023 Annual Report


2022 Annual Report


2021 Annual Report