WV Physical Activity Network

Networking for Change

The WV Physical Activity Network (WVPAN) aims to increase physical activity in West Virginia. WVPAN will assist communities in creating the culture needed to guide West Virginians into a more physically active lifestyle, to improve health and quality of life. This is accomplished by connecting people with the resources to start their own physical activity initiatives.

WVPAN was created to:

  • Provide a directory of physical activity groups around the state.
  • Connect people with resources to start their own physical activity initiatives.
  • Help communities organize great events to get people moving.
  • Share amazing stories of what’s already happening around physical activity in West Virginia.

The Network and The Plan

The WV Physical Activity Network originally started as a project of Try This WV and the WV Community Development Hub. An integral part of WVPAN is the WV Physical Activity Plan, which identifies eight sectors and their individual responsibilities for making our state more physically active. WVPAN’s main role will be to help sector leaders understand their responsibility and connect them to resources that will aid in the implementation of strategies identified in the plan.

In essence, WVPAN will work as a bridge for sector leaders to make a connection between the WV Physical Activity Plan and local, state, national, and global resources that accomplish priority tactics outlined in the plan. For example, WVPAN will be targeting the Health Care sector to provide direct support in the implementation of Exercise is Medicine. The WV Physical Activity Plan lists a Priority Tactic for the Health Care sector as: “Prescribe physical activity based on individual needs, national recommendations and guidelines, and provide relevant educational materials to patients.”